Can someone let me know if there is a plugin / application that will let me upload videos to site. And when users want to access the video they will prompted for login and password



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The best place to look for extensions is the JED (Joomla! Extension Directory).

Option 1:

AllVideos is by far the most popular video player extension available for Joomla! since it is a very lightweight plugin (no components or modules).

What I would do is create a category of articles that is restricted to registered users. Then, create articles inside that category with the videos embedded.

Option 2:

If you want an all-inclusive component that would keep management of the videos more like YouTube or Vimeo, you could check out All Share Video (free) or HD Video Share (premium).


I have recommend Joomla videoplayer extension for joomla. excellent free support,live chat, forum and more features. Easily understandable coding structure, easy to change as own..

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