I was looking at the code of a Plugin for Joomla! CMS for a functionality I need: the possibility to run custom PHP scripts when a Joomla! Plugin/Events is fired.

I wanted to learn the mechanism used by this plugin and the code looked to me a bit odd (I'm quite a novice in PHP, so I guess I'm missing something).

Here is a snippet of the code for one of the above mentioned Events, the full plugin can be downloaded here.

function onBeforeCompileHead()
    if (strcmp($this->params->get('onBeforeCompileHead_custom_php_file_path'),'')!=0)
        $custom_php_file_path = JPATH_SITE.DS.$this->params->get('onBeforeCompileHead_custom_php_file_path');
        $php = ob_get_contents();

I don't get why it has been used ob_start to capture the include content to then eval it (btw isn't eval evil? or because there is no user input to eval it's ok to use?).

I tried removing all that part, using isntead a simply include statement and it worked.

What am I missing?

  • i cant see anything you're missing either. Contact the author to get their thoughts?
    – jdog
    Jul 17 '16 at 21:07

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