The item of my interest is in the __zoo_item table. My query:


$resultado = $db->loadObjectList();

The contents of params is a JSON like this:

    "metadata.title": "",
    "metadata.description": "",
    "metadata.keywords": "",
    "metadata.robots": "",
    "metadata.author": "",
    "config.enable_comments": "0",
    "config.primary_category": "27"

I need to retrieve the value of primary_category. That is, I need retrieve: 27. How do I do that? I try to recover it as follows:

foreach ($resultado as value) {
    if ( is_object($value) ) {
        echo $value->config.primary_category;

This is the best way to do this? The browser returns this: primary_category. How to retrieve the value: 27?

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ZOO syntax is a bit different. Check this out: http://yootheme.com/zoo/documentation/developers/accessing-element-data

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I don't think your code is the canonical way to access ZOO parameter values, but using your method you probably want something like:

$value = json_decode($value);
$primary_category = $value->{'config.primary_category'});

The dot in property name is causing the issue. Multiple ways to solve it:

  1. Assign property name to a variable:

    $value = json_decode($value);
    $property = 'config.primary_category';
    echo $value->$property;
  2. Enclose property value in curly brackets:

    $value = json_decode($value);
    echo $value->{'config.primary_category'};
  3. Turn params into Registry object (this is the Joomla way):

    use Joomla\Registry\Registry;
    $value = new Registry($value);
    echo $value->get('config.primary_category');

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