For a Joomla blog, we want to be able to create the blog Joomla articles and schedule them with a start publication date when they appear on the website. We also want them to automatically be posted to the company's Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter account.

Is there a Joomla extension that would accomplish this and recognize the posting would coincide with the start publication date of the Joomla Article?

I assume something in the CRON needs to be scheduled to do this? If so, is this a simple shell/PHP script to look at the MySQL database for this Joomla installation and handle the auto posting through an API for Facebook and Twitter? Or is this re-inventing the wheel and there is already a Joomla extension solution for this?

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AutoTweetNG does this, see http://extensions.joomla.org/extension/autotweet-ng

You can set AutoTweetNG to push social feed content to Facebook, Twitter and LinekdIn. When an item is published, either on a schedule or on creation, it is pushed out to the social channels you set up in the component. There is a free version that is limited to 2 channels, or a pro version that can post to as many channels as you like. It does not require a cron to operate.

Free version: http://www.extly.com/autotweet-ng-free.html

Pro version: http://www.extly.com/autotweet-ng-pro.html

I've been using it for a couple of years, and it has always worked well.


This extension has scheduler, I haven't tested it.



I have used both extensions and are working fine. I just want to point out that the https://foobla.com/joomla/obsocialsubmit is simpler for a front end developer with medium Joomla knowledge and the support was very fast and accurate. Good luck.

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