Can somebody explain what is the purpose of metadata.xml in components files? For example /components/com_content/metadata.xml

As it almost has no content and I've never seen this in use.


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So the purpose of metadata.xml is storing the data that need to be shared across layouts:

each layout.xml inside of your view tmpl directory extends metadata.xml.

So if you need to put some request fields in each layout - you can simply add this fields to metadata.xml and all the layouts will inherit them.

For example file /site/view/examples/metadata.xml can look like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <options var="additional_request_var">
            <default name="COM_EXAMPLE" msg="COM_EXAMPLE_DESC"/>
            <option name="COM_EXAMPLE_EXT" msg="COM_EXAMPLE_EXT_DESC" value="additional_request_var_value" />

More at https://github.com/joomplace/JooYii

  • Can you please share an example of metadata.xml and a layout xml where layout XML extends metadata.xml ? I did a dozen of tries and metadata.xml seem to be ignored. I need a correct metadata.xml structure. Thank you! Aug 6, 2016 at 12:15
  • Done. contact me if you have some questions.
    – Alexandr
    Jan 8, 2017 at 17:23

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