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Can someone let me know how to add some text / syntax at the bottom of all joomla articles. So lets say I wanted to add xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to end of each article as shown in the image would that be possible? I'm using joomla 3.4.1



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You can use template override to do this

Copy the /components/com_content/views/article/tmpl/default.php file to /templates/{your template}/html/com_content/article/default.php

Edit and seek for

    <?php echo $this->item->text; ?>

Then add your html after this line.

You can also modify the value of $this->item->text using php

  • tbh, this is a different question to the Batch Edit. That was resolved by @ffrewin, as a result I ended purchasing DB Replacer. This question asks how to make one sweeping change to every article. I want to add some thing like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which can only be viewed in source editor – Carltonp Jun 30 '16 at 17:41
  • Hello Jose, copying the default.php to my com_content/article/default.php sounds like it could potentially damage my site. – Carltonp Jun 30 '16 at 17:45
  • You must copy it from components/... To your templates/... Read my answer – José Sánchez Martín Jun 30 '16 at 18:03

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