I would like to customize a Menu module. I want to add a default CSS class to a Joomla 'my_template' to render all link menu items with a default class (<a class="link_menu"...).

I know that it is accomplished via menu item edit advanced tab options to adding a css class to a particular menu item. But i would like to add this class automatically to all the items of this menu module.

How could this be solved?

enter image description here

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One possible solution: Add a CSS class to your module in the Advanced Tab:

enter image description here

From here you can add for example a Menu Class Suffix, then via CSS you can add a rule to your menu items, for example if you add a class called custom-menu, the code will be:

.custom-menu li { /* your custom code */ }

I would add module or menu class suffix to the menu module itself.

Then you can write the css specifically for that menu module type, applying the rules to every menu item in it.

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