Is there any proper way to make an AJAX engine for a theme in the Joomla?

I want all of my navigation happen without the page refresh, or in other words, thorough AJAX calls. Should I rely on com_ajax of Joomla and write my own handlers, or there are better solutions out there?

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My advice to you - avoid this. It's a recipe for many problems. A website owner who wanted this ended up paying us a lot of money just to fix the problems that arose from using this strategy (there were many, many issues). At the end, the website owner reverted back to a "non-ajax" template and never looked back again.

Issues included: Many JavaScript conflicts that were very hard to solve, near impossible to solve caching issue, indexing issues, etc...

There is not one single advantage in doing this.


Yes, there is a better solution... AddFullAjax is nice plugin which connects FullAjax library to Joomla site, and it may work pretty well for simple sites. Demo at http://getsite.org.ua/jdemo/ shows default Joomla 3 under AJAX technology.

But... as @itoctopus just mentioned, its far from being easy to implement, and it may simply lead to great hair loss :-(

You have been warned... ;-)

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