Using below code to display editor

$editor =& JFactory::getEditor();
$params = array( 'smilies'=> '0' ,
     'style'  => '1' ,  
     'layer'  => '0' , 
     'table'  => '0' ,
    echo $editor->display( 'desc', '', '400', '400', '20', '20', false, null, null, null, $params );

But facing only one issue Using this way its not showing these 3 tabs below editor i.e

  1. Insert Module

  2. Image

  3. Read More

see screenshot, can any one advise how to get added the tabs of Insert module, image and read more below editor

enter image description here

As i checked source code

  <div id="editor-xtd-buttons"> 

and the relevant code under it is missing

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Try changing false to true in your last line:

echo $editor->display( 'desc', '', '400', '400', '20', '20', true, null, null, null, $params );

Here's a quick screenshot from Joomla 2.5. Note that according to your screenshot, your default editor seems to be JCE, not TinyMCE.

enter image description here


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