I am trying to write simple component for Joomla 3 to show catalogue and products.

I did made my model catalogue and it works ok - it shows list of all products with pagination, but I also want to make clickable link for each product to open detailed product info (this page should be accessible by alias).

What is a correct way to organize this scheme in MVC?

Should I make a new model (??) but how to make aliases and give item's id to this page?

I did read a lot of tutorials but I never seen any tutorial with library or catalogue example.

Thanks in advance, guys

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I´ll describe the way I did it.

I created a system plugin that responds to the onAfterInitialise event to create a new router.

$router = $app->getRouter();

So I can use my own rules:

$router->attachBuildRule(array($myRouterRules, 'build'));
$router->attachParseRule(array($myRouterRules, 'parse'));

The alias of my product is:


For instance for a product named: This is a great product with ID = 5 the alias would be:


The my parse rule will identify if the URL ends in -pX and if so it will send the url query for my detail product screen.

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