I would like to create some html overrides for a given Admin Template (isis). So I could throw in all the code into the template's directory, but I guess an update will wipe out all my changes, so this might not be the best Idea. Right now I have three Ideas and I would like to ask which one to favour, or if there is any better out there:


The best case scenario would be to include those overrides within my component and register that location in Joomla!. Imagine the following path:


all it contents should be treated as


But if it is possible to register that Path in the system, so that files get picked up, how can I do that?


Another way could be to copy the entire Admin Template, activate that and hack all changes in there. But than, this copied template wont get the updates of its »parent/original«, since this not a »real child theme«. It would like to keep the updates alive, so how could that be done?


Yet another way could be to create a symlink from pointing from the template to the component like so:

$ pwd 
$ /administrator/templates/<sometmpl>/html/
$ ls -la
$ com_content --> ../../../com_custom/overrides/com_content

This way I would have to care to create this link whenever an update occurs, what could be done within a plugin, listening to the »onExtensionAfterUpdate« Event. But It requires a lot code and I don't know how to test that, since Updates occur to rarely.


Extending the core content type is something that really would like to do, since a long time and I am searching for a good way to do that. So if anybody has ever done that before, I would appreciate each help very much!


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I would suggest option 1.

Let say you want to override:


You would simply need to copy this file over to


Note: as you can see, this excludes the tmpl directory

You don't need to register any paths...Joomla will automatically use the override.

  • I would like to override component output from another component
    – philipp
    Jun 22, 2016 at 10:51

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