I use Mandrill to send my transactional emails, so JMailer sends the data to Mandrill, Mandrill wraps it with a nice template and voila!

This works fine, but several of my customers have asked if I could make a button out of the LOGIN or CONFIRM links. Is there any way, without hacking the core, to add a little bit of html to the transactional text? Normally I just change the text in the language files, but that one doesnt accept HTML.

What is the best way to change it?

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There were debates arround Adding HTML support to Joomla Notification email for com_user a while ago and even there's a (closed/cancelled) pull request for that. If you're willing to hack the core you can follow the code changes those are proposed in that pull request.

As an alternative to Piero suggestion, there's a component (paid one) called E-mail Beautifier that allows you to add HTML support to Joomla notification email. I haven't tested it but you might want to check it out.


I recomend you to use acymailing.

In one of the later version they include a way to override Joomla messages.

In order to make it work you first has to enable the plugin acymailingclassmail (Override Joomla mailing system plugin)

And then go to components->acymailing->newsleters ->Joomla Notificactions

where yuo can modify them.

Hope this helps you.

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