I am creating a new user using this data:

$params = 'com_users';
$usersParams = JComponentHelper::getParams($params);
$new_user = JFactory::getUser(0);
$config = JComponentHelper::getParams('com_users');
$defaultUserGroup = $config->get('new_usertype', 2);
$jdata = array(
  "name" => $name,
  "username" => $email,
  "password" => $password,
  "password2" => $password,
  "email" => $email,
  "sendEmail" => 1,
  "groups" => array($defaultUserGroup)

$useractivation = $usersParams->get('useractivation');
if ($useractivation === 1) {
  $jdata['activation'] = JUtility::getHash(JUserHelper::genRandomPassword());
  $jdata['block'] = 1; // block the user
} else {
  $jdata['block'] = 0; // don't block the user

//Write to database
if (!$new_user->bind($jdata)) {
  throw new Exception("Could not bind data. Error: " . $new_user->getError());
  return false;
if (!$new_user->save()) {
  throw new Exception("Could not save user. Error: " . $new_user->getError());
  return false;

This works perfectly, but the new users are created with the "Receive System Emails" set to yes which means all new users are getting the admin emails. How can I disable this feature when creating a new user this way?


In $jdata array you are setting sendEmail to 1 which is activating the "Receive System Emails".

Just set sendEmail to 0 and you are done :)

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