When setting up a Cronjob for smart search the links from search results goes to blank pages. When indexing manually everything works. What am i doing wrong?

Sending the command

php [URL]/cli/finder_indexer.php

Memorylimit 256 MB

  • The Smart Search, in its current incarnation, puts a lot of pressure of the website from multiple angles, it is a better idea to disable it and use Sphinx instead. See this comprehensive guide on how to do that: itoctopus.com/… . Using Sphinx instead of SmartSearch will reduce the load on the server substantially especially on high traffic sites with lots of content.
    – itoctopus
    Sep 12, 2018 at 13:11

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You should be executing that based on the file path, not a URL

Say the file is located in /var/www/html/cli/finder_indexer.php

Your cron job should execute: php /var/www/html/cli/finder_indexer.php

Running it manually, you should see output like this:

Smart Search INDEXER
Starting Indexer
Setting up Smart Search plugins
Setup 5 items in 0.068 seconds.
 * Processed batch 1 in 0.311 seconds.
Total Processing Time: 0.38 seconds.
Peak memory usage: 10,485,760 bytes

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