I have a strange issue on a Gantry 4 website where I updated the content of a page and the menu title and alias and this seems to have broken the template layout.

The content is pushed to the left but only this one page is affected.

I have tried simplifying the article content to a single space in case I had introduced some invalid code but this makes no difference.

Renaming the menu alias so that it does not contain "span" in the text seems to fix the issue.

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This took quite a while to find but Bootstrap includes some default styling as follows:

[class*="span"] {
  float: left;
  margin-left: 30px;
  min-height: 1px;

This unfortunately conflicts with Gantry which adds a class based on the menu alias to the body CSS selector.

To fix the problem, I created a custom CSS file and added the following code to override the Bootstrap styling:

[class*="span"] {
  float: inherit;
  margin-left: inherit;
  min-height: inherit;

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