How do i set the default number of characters of INTRO TEXT before a "Read more" button is displayed on all my "Blogs" in Category Blog view.

Right now, all of the blogs show it's entire content which looks very long.

I have a menu item for "Category Blogs" and a few articles under the "Blog" category.

I am surprised this is a feature not built into Joomla. I do not want my users to need to manually insert a "Read more" button into their articles at different places.

Please help.


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At the time we don't have an automatic feature for this in the core, you can do this manually
by adding one by one in your content or you can add a custom code via override for the blog layout.

Also you can try with one extension in order to automate more this process, here you have
two possible options:



Well if you really need to use something like this - then you'll need to create JTableObserverContentLimiter for example. (more info) And check onBeforeSave if text has

<hr class="readmore">

or not. And if it doesn't - add it.

If you need detailed help with it - email me, [email protected]

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