I face a problem with plugin bxSlider and my 2.5 Joomla website. I am using it as a custom module. The problem is that when it loads, under my image it loads the whole template again! This happens only if I load an image. If I remove it, the problem dissappeared.

The plugin I use is this: http://bxslider.com/

I think that the problem is here(lin 271 of code in jquery.bxslider.js):

var loadElements = function(selector, callback){
            var total = selector.find('img, iframe').length;
            if (total == 0){
            var count = 0;
            selector.find('img, iframe').each(function(){
                $(this).one('load', function() {
                  if(++count == total) callback();
                }).each(function() {
                  if(this.complete) $(this).load();

Do you have any ideas how this one can be fixed?

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    i think it will be better if you post a link to a page of your website where this happens.
    – FFrewin
    May 17 '16 at 17:48

bxSlider latest versions conflict with mootools Here is the issue I posted some time ago. https://github.com/stevenwanderski/bxslider-4/issues/1004

So either use an older bxSlider code, or don't use bxSlider.

Joomla 3 still may use mootools. And Joomla 2.5 uses it anyway as far as I remember.

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