I have been trying to create a menu item that shows all articles in category blog layout for tags. I followed webchun's instructions here:

How to show tagged items in category blog layout

(which it won't let me add more to the question because it's locked)

I got it to work, even got the read more button added (though I don't think correctly, because it doesn't check if there is a read more just automatically adds it), but what I need is to add other elements to it which are not options. I want to add the published date, the author, and the category. I know that this is an override, but I have no idea what parts to copy. I tried copying somethings from blog_items.php under my (custom) template, but it just stopped the page from loading).

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Open taggedblog_items.php

Within your foreach loop you need to access the object variable that you desire and wrap it in html code.

For example:

<div class="foo"><?php echo $item->created; ?></div>

<div class="foo"><?php echo $item->author_name; ?></div>

<div class="foo"><?php echo $item->category_title; ?></div>

These values are based on the joomla v3.51 com_content item object, so if you are using an older version the values may be different. To check what values you need put die("<pre>".print_r($item, true)."</pre>"); within your foreach loop and try to access your site. You should see something like this.

stdClass Object ( [id] => 20 [title] => Acquisition [alias] => acquisition [checked_out] => 172 [checked_out_time] => 2016-05-16 19:34:26 [catid] => 8 [state] => 1 [access] => 1 [created] => 2016-05-03 21:32:09 [created_by] => 172 [created_by_alias] => [ordering] => 0 [featured] => 0 [language] => * [hits] => 0 [publish_up] => 2016-05-03 21:32:09 [publish_down] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [language_title] => [language_image] => [editor] => Super User [access_level] => Public [category_title] => Acquisition [author_name] => Super User [max_ordering] => 0 )

If the values are different then switch them out and you should get the results you want.

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