How do I get a menu item by ID in Joomla 3?

While converting a site from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3, I encountered this code

$mainframe = JFactory::getApplication(); 
$menu = $mainframe->getMenu('mainmenu'); 
$item = $menu->getItem($Itemid);

How to achieve this in Joomla 3 ?

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Not a big difference so far for what you are after...

$mainframe = JFactory::getApplication(); 
$menu = $mainframe->getMenu(); 

// Use this if you want to get all menu items from a certain menu
$menu_items = $menu->getItems('menutype', 'mainmenu');

// This is to get the specific menu item by menu item Id $itemId;
$item = $menu->getItem($itemId);

Check also, this Q/A, on getting the active menu item: How to get the alias or title of the active menu item?

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