If I stumble upon a Joomla website ( which I have no access to either the server code, nor the admin backend), can I tell what version of Joomla it's on?

I read a comment to this question, which says that

Are you referring to your own website or an external website. If external, then this cannot be done

But on the other hand, I also encounter a Google Chrome extension that allows one to determine the Joomla version of any external Joomla website. So I think this is not impossible.

So can it be done by just accessing the HTML, JS, CSS files of the website and all of the tools that are available to a normal but internet savvy user?

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My initial comment about not being able to get the version from an external website is invalid.

I then went on to write a script which does exactly this which I added as an answer.

The online tool:


The script:


HTML, JS and CSS file will not provide the Joomla version. You have to access an XML file.

Some servers block access to the manifest.xml file to prevent gaining information such as the version, which I why I added a fallback, which gets the version of TinyMCE, which I then used to detect the Joomla version


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