I'm writing a plugin, and the auto-email cloaking functionality is breaking my output. For example: I'll write some output:

<script type="text/javascript">
$var={ "content" : "text with embedded@address.domain"}

The address cloaker is treating $var as HTML content and just making a mess out of it.

I've found that I can disable that by putting {emailcloak=off} in the article. The issue is that I'm writing a commercial plugin. I don't want to depend upon end-users to remember to do that anywhere they use my shortcode.

Is there a way that I can turn Email cloaking off from inside my plugin for just my content?


He will distribute it. So he is trying to find a workaround inside the plugin.

One solution could be to encrypt the email in base64 on php side and decode it on javascript with


By using this, the email cloaker will not detect it as an email

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