Can anyone help me understand why JLanguage->getFirstDay() returns 0 (Sunday) for EN-GB, and 1 (Monday) for EN-US?

The UNICODE CLDR has 1 for EN-GB, and 0 for EN-US.


getFirstDay() returns $this->metadata['firstDay'] and defaults to 0 if it doesn't exist.

The $metadata variable contains an array of data which is pulled from the following file:


I'm not too sure why, but when installing a language pack in the back-end Language Manager, it doesn't add the new XML file, just the .ini files.

So at a guess, you could try duplicating the file mentioned above, rename it to en-US.xml, open the file and change the <firstDay>0</firstDay> to whatever your preferred value is.

Hope this helps

  • I'm porting our calendar plugin to Joomla, and one of the things you have to know to draw a calendar is what the first day of the week is. For a commercial product, having the user tinker with files is just a non-starter. I guess this means that I have to put my own configuration widget in place to let users override this. Mar 23 '16 at 20:30

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