In my Joomla installation, I need to display one module (call it myModule) at the bottom of a category blog, in the same position (say user3). myModule is a custom html module. The category blog is assigned to a menu and it is coming properly.

When I assign myModule to the same menu, myModule appears on the screen at the top of user3 position. How do I go about to make it appear below the category blog? I tried with module ordering, but doesn't work. If I assign two modules for the same menu, then the modules appear as per the ordering. How do I control the ordering between a module and a menu assignment?

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The category blog is part of the component area in your template, but the
module position is different than the component area, by default you can't
load a module inside component area (blog layout) in the same position.

One simple solution is check your template positions and add your module
below the component area.

Go to System > Global Configuration > Templates, from here change the
value in the option Preview Module Positions, check your positions in:

From the option Menu Assignment you can't control the order.


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