Is there a mailing list somewhere specifically for this? None of the mailing lists on the official Joomla site seem to mention that.

In my case, I just have one Joomla site to look after, so I'm only interested in particularly important emails such as security issues, and don't want to have to manually filter those out from others that aren't of interest.

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    the upcoming J3.5 version (expected to arrive really soon) will include a feature for admin notification emails on core updates. – FFrewin Feb 16 '16 at 15:10

Joomla has a section of the developer site called the "Security Centre" which sends out emails about security issues. There is also a mailing list for the same content. There doesn't seem to be a link to it any more but you can subscribe at:


There is a feature in development/about to be released in 3.5 that will notify Joomla administrators of updates to the Joomla core.

So, assuming you keep uptodate then the 3.5 release should help.

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By being RSS die-hard fan for 15+ years, I have collected few security feeds I use daily in my Outlook:

Joomla Security RSS

Joomla Security Announcements / Original Joomla.org Security Centre (superseded by JDN)

Joomla Security Centre JDN / Joomla Developer Network Security Centre

Joomla VEL Blog / Joomla Vulnerable Extensions Blog

Joomla VEL Live / Live VEL

Joomla VEL Resolved / Resolved VEL

Joomla EOL SecFix / Security hotfixes for Joomla EOL versions - Revision history

General Security RSS

Sucuri Blog / Sucuri Blog

Symantec Security / Symantec Connect Security Response - Blog Entries

Malwarebytes Unpacked / Malwarebytes Unpacked Blog

AppCheck-NG Alerts / AppCheck-NG » Advisories & Alerts

Computer Security News / Topix Computer Security News

Detectify / Detectify Blog

ESET Blog / We Live Security » Languages » English

Fox-IT Intl Blog / Fox-IT International blog

Hacker News / The Hacker News

HackRead News / HackRead

HOTforSecurity / HOTforSecurity Blog

My Twitter List SECURITY

Appcheck NG @AppcheckNG
Bradley Deacon @BradleyWDeacon
CrowdShield @crowdshield
Detectify @detectify
Dr. Angela Orebaugh @AngelaOrebaugh
HackRead @HackRead
Joomlavel @JoomlaVel
JP Vergne @PirateOrg
Malwarebytes @Malwarebytes
Martin Brinkmann @ghacks
SpiderLabs @SpiderLabs
Sucuri @sucurisecurity
The Hacker News @TheHackersNews

I hope you will find this information useful... :-)

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  • Don't mention it man... Got few more hundreds where that came from ;-) – Mikan Feb 16 '16 at 15:23
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    That's some great list you got there! Thanx a lot, and also for assuring me I'm not the Last RSS Mohican on this world.... – user7746 Feb 16 '16 at 15:40
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    I hear you man... It's such a shame that RSS support is dropping left and right... Even here on JSE or any other SX site, one can't have a decent feed of his own activity, favorites, reputation changes, etc... {sigh} – Mikan Feb 16 '16 at 15:53

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