Hi I am a newbie in Joomla and want to understand one of the functionalities of the Joomla.

In joomla templates we use

jdoc:include type="component"

statement. But I am not able to understand how this functionality has been implemented in Joomla. How passing the component name in url gets rendered by the above statement of Joomla ? Please help me to understand.

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Starting from this sentence in Joomla docs:

The jdoc:include statement is a Joomla! template's method of displaying content specific to the page being viewed. There are various jdoc:include statements, each returning a different part of a Joomla! page. The replacement itself is done in JDocumentHTML::_renderTemplate. See also _parseTemplate.

I've analyzed the JDocumentHTML class in /libraries/joomla/document/html/html.php and it seems that Joomla loads the template and search in it for jdoc statements, with the getBuffer function retrieves the code to add instead of jdoc.

foreach ($this->_template_tags as $jdoc => $args){
    $replace[] = $jdoc;
    $with[] = $this->getBuffer($args['type'], $args['name'], $args['attribs']);
return str_replace($replace, $with, $this->_template);

The getBuffer function calls another render function to specifically load the correct component or module. For components the code is this:

$renderer = $this->loadRenderer($type);
$this->setBuffer($renderer->render($name, $attribs, null), $type, $name, $title);

Anyway at this point I got a little confused and cannot understand how the various renderers actually works, let's see if anybody else knows the trick.

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