This should be a simple one but my installation is in a state where I cannot be sure what I am doing wrong. I wanted to be able to use relative paths for my tmp and log folders. They used to be full paths but I want to try an keep my installation portable to save some hair pulling later. Pertinent lines in my configuration.php

public $log_path = 'jrt/';
public $tmp_path = 'tmp/';

Am I able to use relative paths? Haven't found a compelling source

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AFAIK, Joomla has the $log_path and tmp_path set to absolute values by default.

The only problem which can occur with relative values is, that the corresponding folders might not be "recognized" and thus you have a permission problem.

You can easily test that, without harm to your installation: Just change the tmp_path to a relative value and look up the permissions under:

System->System Information->Folder Permissions

If the value for tmp_path is set to "unwritable", you should probably change it back.

As for an official statement, I haven't found anything, either. Maybe I will update this post later with something I found.

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