I would like to create a little dialog on publishing-events on an item of my self-developed component.

For example: Item gets published - the item's controller is called and rund method publish with $task publish.

But now I would like to interrupt publishing-process: The user shall answer a question - for example:

Are you sure? Yes (publish) or No (exit)

This is the source of my controller so far:

 * publish function.
 * @access public
 * @return void
public function publish()
    $app                                    =   JFactory::getApplication();
    $jinput                                 =   JFactory::getApplication()->input;
    $ids                                    =   $jinput->get('cid', '', 'array');
    $task                                   =   $this->getTask();
    $date                                   =   JFactory::getDate();            
    $modelitem                              =   $this->getModel('Item');        

    foreach($ids as $id)
            case 'publish'  :                   // do stuff
            case 'unpublish':                   // do stuff
            case 'archive'  :                   // do stuff     
            case 'trash'    :                   // do stuff                                                 


    $publish                                =   $modelitem->publish($id, $state);

    $this->setRedirect('index.php?option=com_bestia&view=items', false);

    return true;

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The simplest way to implement a Confirmation dialog is on the client side, with Javascript routine. You can check how JToolbar does it:

    $bar = JToolbar::getInstance('toolbar');

    // Add a trash button.
    $bar->appendButton('Confirm', JText::_('COM_XXX_CONFIRM_PURGE'), 'trash', $alt, $task, $check, false);

In Javascript terms:

    if (confirm('....')){Joomla.submitbutton('....');}

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