Is it possible to place the contents of a Joomla menu item within an article?

Here's a little background to what I'm trying to achieve:

I'm currently using a Joomla component, form2content on my site for reviews of different courses.

Reviews for all courses are in 1 Joomla category. Specific course review pages have been setup using the 'Filtered Article List'

I'd like to add on the bottom of the courses pages (which is a Joomla article), the reviews specific to those courses.

Ideally (but doesn't look possible) I would create a Module with a 'Filtered Article List' (containing only reviews in the specific course) and add this module to the bottom of the course page.

But as I say this isn't possible.


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There are a couple of plugins at the JED that can load a component anywhere you like (inside articles, inside modules etc.).

  • NoNumber Components Anywhere
    With Components Anywhere you place components anywhere in your site. So you can now place a component inside an article or even within modules.
    The syntax is super simple. Just place this where you want that component to show:

    {component url/of/the/component}.
  • Include Component
    The syntax is {component url='' }. Replace with the url to your component and include index.php?

    For example:

    {component url='index.php?option=com_component&Itemid=73&parameters....' }

Maybe one of these will help achieving what you're trying to do.

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