I am building a website to sell Joomla templates on but can't find a viable solution for users to see a live preview... any suggestions?

I have tried the template changer extension and it works but is a bit clunky. I was hoping for something like a direct link/url that sets the default template. I know how to make a link to call the template ?template=template_name but when you navigate a link it returns to the default template.

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It would be best if the Demo site to preview the Joomla templates was not actually a Joomla powered site.

To be honest, it's more simple than you may think.

You will need to create a static HTML site with a dropdown list of some sort, showing all your Joomla template names. In this HTML page, you will also need an iframe.

When one of the options is selected, you will need to change the src attribute of the iframe to load the selected template.

Each template should be on a separate Joomla installation.

Maybe have a look at how Yootheme have done their Demo page

Hope this helps

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