I need to check one value in database which is duplicated or not. I don't know in Joomla object based method is available for this check. I used object based Joomla api method for insert and update database using the below code


But I need to know the Joomla object based method available for duplication check.

Kindly assist. I am new to the Joomla platform.


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There is no way to do this without first doing a look up to check if the value already exists in the db before inserting.

The "check" that Joomla does is for the primary key only - so it cannot insert if the primary key is duplicated.

The correct way is to create a table class that extends JTable and then implement the bind/check/save methods of that with your additional data integrity logic, or one step up in the model apply your business logic there see The JTable Class - see also How to use the JTable Class


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