I need the >> to be next and << to be previous, where can I change that? please see attached for clarity.enter image description here

I did inspect but still cannot find it. Here is the rendering code but I can't find where to edit the buttons. `function pagination_list_render($list) { // Initialize variables $html = '';

//if ($list['start']['active']==1)   $html .= $list['start']['data'];
if ($list['previous']['active']==1) $html .= $list['previous']['data'];

//foreach ($list['pages'] as $page) {
//  $html .= $page['data'];

if ($list['next']['active']==1) $html .= $list['next']['data'];
//if ($list['end']['active']==1)  $html .= $list['end']['data'];

$html .= "</ul>";

return $html;

}` Thank you

  • Have you inspected the element using dev tools or firebug? This will give you the location. Or post a link to your site.
    – jonboy
    Nov 4, 2015 at 8:20

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You can override the pagination in your active template under /templates/template_name/html/pagination.php, if there's no file just copy the one in protostar and edit it as you like.

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