I have 3 different views where the user will navigate from one view to another in a sequence way. Assume the v1 list all student classes and v2 list the details of a single class and v3 list the details of a single subject.

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V1 is the only view linked to the menu item 'Classes' and the item id is 107. I am trying to manually add the breadcrumbs when the user navigate to other views with the same item id.

v2 -> view.html.php

$pathway = $this->_app->getPathway();
$pathway->addItem("Single Class", "index.php?option=com_example&view=v2&classid=1&Itemid=107");

v3 -> view.html.php

$pathway = $this->_app->getPathway();
$pathway->addItem("Single Subject", "index.php?option=com_example&view=v3&subid=1&Itemid=107");

When the user is in v2 the breadcrumbs is as 'Home->Classes->Single Class' which is correct. When the user naviage to v3 then the breadcrumbs becomes as 'Home->Classes->Single Subject' which is wrong. What I need as 'Home->classes->Single Class->Single Subject'.

Can someone advice on this?

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The Basic-Question is: How did you construct your component?

While displaying the v3, joomla/pathway must know the chain from v1 to v2 to v3

The v3 example does not populate the v2 item.

So you have extract from v3-Item the parent such as


$pathway = $this->_app->getPathway();

$pathway->addItem("Classes", "index.php?option=com_example&view=v2&classid={$v3Item->classid}&Itemid=107")

$pathway->addItem("Single Subject", "index.php?option=com_example&view=v3&subid=1&Itemid=107")

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