I'm pretty new to Joomla! although I have coded in PHP. After installation (Bitnami), my default url is "https://localhost/joomla/" which is not cool. I want a new URL such as "https://localhost/chagbert/". How can I change this url?


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Ok, Thank you all for the input.

I discovered that the BITNAMI Xampp installation installs the Joomla! files in "C:\xampp\apps\joomla\" which i think is hard-coded in this particular Bitnami installation.

So I opted for a stand-alone stable installation of Joomla! And this was simply a copy and paste operation into a folder whose name would be my site name under the htdocs folder i.e. "c"\xampp\htdocs\chagbert\" where "chagbert" would be my site name. Thereafter, on the browser I simply had to call this address:


And the configuration process started.

Thank you


Goto htdocs -> Here, you can change your default folder name joomla to chagbert.

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