I'm using the following theme based on helix3 framework and I'm encountering some issues on the positioning of the main content.

I have a row with 2 columns, the one the side is fine because it's a normal column and I can stack modules inside of it, the main content column instead gives me issues because the position is called "component" in the template layout, and I cannot add additionals modules to it (apart from the main content module that you choose when making the menu entry).

I could add another row with the same column layout but it wouldn't stack with the previous column if the heights of the 2 previous columns are not equal.

This is the template enter image description here

I need to add content under "column 1".

This is the layout enter image description here

Any suggestions?


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In your imgae, the next position on bottom for your "content" was in "Lower Body".

Did you try add your content in "Lower Body Position"?

enter image description here


You can add new module positions directly from the Template administrator panel:

Our main aim was to move possibly a large number of parameters to administrative panel which normally were changed in template code directly. Thanks to this, beginner users, can easily add new module positions and change many settings in administrator panel from template option level. (https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/helix-v3-template-framework-feature-suggestions)

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