I'm trying to add checkbox to my template parameter and giving default="1" value to make it checked by default.

<field name="fieldname" type="checkbox" label="fieldlabel" description="Desc of the field" value="1" default="1"/>

The output indeed checked by default by it can't be unchecked. Everytime I uncheck it and save the parameter, the checkbox is always back to checked.

If I change the default value to 0 then it's working properly. Any idea how to deal with this? Thanks

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This problem has been discussed on Stack Overflow, and as far as I can see there aren't any simple solutions. A couple of options are discussed, so you might be able to implement something. The OP of the question ended up creating a field override.

The problem is really a HTML shortcoming, explained here.

Submitting it, leaving empty values and not checking the checkbox, you would get the following $_POST array (notice the missing "checkbox")

array (
  "input" => "",
  "hidden" => ""

In short: <input type="checkbox" name="field" value="something"> either gets submitted as field = "something" if checked, or doesn't exist if unchecked.


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