1. In Zoo Applications I create element Radio with 3 options: Red, Green, Blue
  2. I need acess this "option value" was stored: red or green or blue in database like this:

    "7045c737-906a-4776-b390-0f9529b411a6": { "option": { "0": "red" } },

How can i load this value "red"? I try this:

$zoo= App::getInstance('zoo');
$Zoo_Item_id= $item_id;
$items = $zoo->table->item->get($Zoo_Item_id);
$element_id = 'e455c93e-6514-480b-8891-e61a9ef32a99';
$element_value = $items->getElement($element_id)->getElementData()->get('value');

But for "radio" not working; If i change $element_id for text content this code working fine.

I see documentation for element access: http://yootheme.com/zoo/documentation/developers/accessing-element-data But when element was radio, i dont know what do.

Can you help me please?


I solve how to acces data from elements ZOO. In files:


you can add this code:

$element1 = $item->getElement('ff944545-de96-45ed-ae24-9126ab82ca7b'); 
foreach ($element1 as $self) {
    $file1 = $self['file'];

Important: "ff944545-de96-45ed-ae24-9126ab82ca7b" is your unique element ID; "['file']" is the filed in data array;

UPDATED in: 2016-10-04: I found another easy way if your data was in Array:

In teaser.php or full.php you can access any information on element with code like this:

$status = $item->getElement('0e3527e4-032c-4d35-a630-7b0418eb9ecc')->getElementData()->get('option');  

In some cases, 'option' need be replced by 'value'. You need access your data base and see the structure of element like this:

"0e3527e4-032c-4d35-a630-7b0418eb9ecc":  {
        "option":  {
            "0": "em-andamento"
        "select": "1"

See this other obeject structure ofr 'value' case:

"d9f72e0a-50d3-4be7-89f4-4d30b11aa5a1":  {
        "0":  {
            "value": "2015-11-18 02:00:00"

I hope this helps!

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