I'm using the GK News Show Pro 5 module for displaying my articles. I have a problem with the publishing of the articles, because it appears 24 hours after I publish the article. I changed the time offset of the module to +12, then to 0, and then to -12, but the result is the same. What could be the matter?

  • What's your timezone set to in the Joomla Global Configuration? – Lodder Aug 27 '15 at 11:18
  • Universal time. – TheAdnan Aug 27 '15 at 11:20

It's likely that you are viewing cached content on your browser. Is this happening only for this module, are you able to see other updated content?

About Cache

  • First of all, set the module time offset to 0.
  • Then go to System->Clear Cache and empty all the cached files.
  • Do also a Purge Expired Cache just in case.
  • Clear your Browser's cache and refresh your page.
  • See if the module has updated its content.

Cache Settings in Joomla:

  1. Global Configuration->System tab
  2. Individual Modules Cache setting: For GK Module you can find it in the Basic Settings tab.
  3. Plugin Manager->System - Page Cache plugin

Other reasons for getting cached content:

  • Some hosting providers, offer site speed-enhancements services, which they cache the website's output.
  • CDN services also serve cache content
  • htaccess settings may also instruct the browser to cache content.
  • This is only happening with that particular module. I will experiment with the cache settings a little though. – TheAdnan Aug 27 '15 at 12:27
  1. You check your server time?
  2. You check your server time zone in System >> Global configuration >> Server >> Location Settings :: Server Time Zone* ? You need config to same time in both.

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