I have installed the update from Joomla 3.3 to 3.4. After that, the Weblinks component showed an update, which could not be installed due to a missing database table.

Furthermore, the weblinks entry in the extension menu showed a 404 - component missing.
I then proceeded to deinstall the weblinks, but it says:

JFolder: :delete: The Path is no Folder! Pfad: /html/joomla/administrator/components/com_weblinks

JFolder: :delete: The Path is no Folder! Pfad:

Componentdeinstallation: Deinstallation not possible, please remove manually.

Packagedeinstallation: Manifest-File not found.

How do I remove the rests of the weblinks package from my Joomla installation?

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Before attempting anything below, make sure you have a working backup of your complete site, just in case.


First check for any files in your Joomla installation. Using FTP look at and remove the whole folders (if found) in the following locations:

  • administrator/components/com_weblinks
  • components/com_weblinks
  • modules/mod_weblinks
  • plugins/search/weblinks
  • plugins/finder/weblinks

Then with a database tool, like PHPmyAdmin, connect to your database and look at the following tables:


look for any rows where name LIKE '%weblinks%' and delete them. This will delete all references of the package/component/module/plugins of the weblinks.


look for any rows where extension = 'com_weblinks' and delete them. This will clear your categories table from any weblinks categories.


look for any rows where name LIKE '%com_weblinks%' and delete them. This will delete the asset for the component itself and also any possible categories of the weblinks component, that still have an asset in the assets table.


look for any rows where path LIKE 'Weblinks%' and delete them. This will delete any references to the component in the admin menu.


Delete the whole table.

I think I have included everything... as said at the top of my answer have a tested backup, in case something goes wrong while you are deleting folders and data in your database.

You might be also better if you try all these at a testing site.

  • Thank you for the fast and detailed response. I followed your instructions and I can not find any trace of the weblinks in my Joomla any more. Much thanks again for your help!
    – Skrodde
    Aug 11, 2015 at 8:06

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