Is there a built in functionality available in joomla to determine the view name to plural?

I created 2 views as 'delivery' and 'deliverys'. The view 'delivery' is to display the records in a list view using default.php and the view 'deliverys' is to display one single records using edit.php.

When I hit the cancel button in the list view it redirects to a view called 'deliveries' and since I have the view name as 'deliverys' it says view not found.

Just want to understand is this a built in feature in Joomla to determine the plural name for a given view?

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Yes, there is. Take a look at this if statement in JControllerForm class.

So to redirect to deliverys, you have to add property

protected $view_list = 'deliverys';

in your controller. If this dosen't exist, Joomla! tries to determine view name by itself.

And ofcourse, other solution would be to rename your view.

I think you have delivery view for one record and deliverys for list view, not vice versa?

  • Yes, delivery for one single record and deliverys for multiple records. Aug 10, 2015 at 14:06

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