I'm working on my MVSC implementation. I'm planning on adding a function called getParams() to my base view, so that I don't have to keep merging item, menu, and component params before rendering the view.

Up until know I've been using JFactory::getApplication()->getParams(); which gets the active menu params.

I want to look at the implementation and maybe avoid having to use the application if there was already a dedicated class, but I can't find any mention of getParams() in any of the JApplication classes (J3.3.0).

I can only assume that it is late static binding, but does anyone know where this method is attached to the application?

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It is in the file libraries/cms/application/site.php. The administrator (back end) file has no such function specified.

  • Thanks! I didn't realize that we are actually using two different subclasses of JApplicationCms! Commented Jun 5, 2014 at 7:32

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