I'm using $doc->addScript($path.'/js/script.js'); to load a Javascript file inside the head section. Is there any native way to load it in the bottom of the page, before the closing </body> tag? Thanks!

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No there isn't.

addScript(string $url, string $type = "text/javascript", boolean $defer = false, boolean $async = false)

You can use $defer and $async parameters of the addScript method to load JavaScript after the content.


$doc->addScript($path.'/js/script.js', 'text/javascript', true, false); 

Use $defer = true if you want to load scripts in order, i.e. if one script is dependant on another.

$doc->addScript($path.'/js/script.js', 'text/javascript', false, true);

Use $async = true to load scripts asynchronously and when the order in which they are loaded does not matter


If you've just landed here via google see answer to this question here:

How can I insert js scripts before </body>


Look for a plugin called "ScriptsDown" in the JED

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