I have developed a code to create dynamic textboxes on click of "Add" button using javascript -


function GetDynamicTextBox(value,index) {
     '<input type="text" name="jform[options][]" id="jform_options_'+index+'" value="">' +
       '<input type="button" value="Remove" class="remove btn-danger" />'


<field name="options][" type="text" label="Options" multiple="true" description=""></field>

When I click on Add button , it will append n number of textboxes . But I am facing a problem in saving this field in database.


columnname = options, type= text

I want to save the values entered in textboxes in form of json. For this I am trying to override the controller save method-


public function save($key = null, $urlVar = null){

        $jinput = JFactory::getApplication()->input;
        $postData = $jinput->post->get('jform', array(), 'array');
        // Save it back to the $_POST global variable
        JRequest::setVar('jform', $postData, 'post');
    // Finally, save the processed form data
    return parent::save('id', $urlVar);

But all the rest values in the form are saving but not the "options field." - Note: you can see the image attached to understand what i am trying to achieveenter image description here

  • Any help would be appreicated

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You can do it using prepareTable in the model of your component. Check this example out where I get an the values of array of checkboxes "categories" and then save them creating a comma separated values variable using implode.

Instead of course, you may use json_encode.

protected function prepareTable($table)
    // Set the publish date to now
    $db = $this->getDbo();

        $table->created = JFactory::getDate()->toSql();

    $table->modified = JFactory::getDate()->toSql();

    $jinput = JFactory::getApplication()->input;

    $categories = $jinput->get('categories',null,'ARRAY');

        $table->categories = implode(",",$categories);
        $table->categories ='';


you must save options as array json in database so change this line




then in loadFormData method in your model , you need to use json_decode for decode your array

also you can use Repeatable field type for your form , and if you set name of your field as params , the all the jobs will be handled by joomla

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