Is is possible to downgrade Joomla versions, for example from version 3.4.3 to 3.4.1?

I know restoring from a backup is the easiest and most efficient way, however is there an alternative?

I have ran into a few issues since upgrading to Joomla 3.4.3 and I would like to 'rollback' just to rule out any possible conflicts etc.

Having read a few tutorials online there doesn't seem to be any clear instructions, they all differ.

I have downloaded a clean installation of Joomla 3.4.1 and set it up locally on xampp - not sure where to go from here. Do I simply copy the 3.4.3 files into the root directory or does the db need to change?

Also what about my modules/plugins/components/template..?

Any help is appreciated.

  • if you can share the issues you have with 3.4.3, we may be able to help you solve those. :)
    – Bakual
    Jul 22, 2015 at 14:26

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Quick Dirty Method:

Take a backup of your Joomla 3.4.3 site and set it up on your localhost. Once done, download the Joomla 3.4.1 Update Package and extract it in the root directory. Don't worry about Database changes as there haven't been any since 3.4.0.

Long method:

  • Install a fresh copy of Joomla 3.4.1
  • Re-download and install all 3rd party extensions
  • Import the database from your Joomla 3.4.3 site


Joomla has not really need designed to be rolled back, therefore with the above, I can't guarantee there won't be any issues but it's these are the only methods I know of.

Personally, I would refrain from rolling back and try the figure out the issues you're having with your 3.4.3 site.


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