I would like to know in Joomla framework, there is a way to change priority loading some Joomla core classes after using JLoader::register() method in a system plugin developed to override Joomla core classes? or We have to override whole core classes to run this process. of course I saw many suggestions in this and this post but they're very messy and confusing.

For this reason, I followed this sample code to override. I just wanted to override JFilterInput class in filter folder on Joomla libraries path. But this class imported in other core class, so Joomla doesn't load or register(I don't know) my custom JFilterInput(input.php). I added some track lines and it shows, to load original JFilterInput class not my custom class in below file on line 91 with mentioned code:


Line 91: $this->filter = JFilterInput::getInstance();

Is there a way to change this ordering for registering Joomla Core and Custom classes?

I use last version of Joomla.

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Not sure why this was bumped to the homepage. In any case, there's a plugin called Joomla Override that allows you to override the core, which is, from our experience, an unstable plugin.

The best solution is to overwrite core files and keep a record of all your overwrites.


There is no way to change it, because it is load during load the cms/application.

During the "PlgSystem**" will be load, you will be able to make the overrides such as dongilbert discribed.

Perhaps you can give an example what do want to do concrete?

  • Dear JProof; this post is a question to complete my previous post that I started on joomla.stackexchange.com/q/10837/2098 address but I understood which it must be complete with Joomla overriding. Thanks in advanced for every comments and answers. BR
    – Sam
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 1:42

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