I modified the publish-function of my sub-controller as follows

     * publish function.
     * @access public
     * @return void
    public function publish()
        $app                                    =   JFactory::getApplication();
        $jinput                                 =   JFactory::getApplication()->input;
        $ids                                    =   $jinput->get('cid', '', 'array');
        $task                                   =   $this->getTask();

        foreach($ids as $id)
            // do fancy stuff


Now I really would like to change the status of some items (-> $ids) via an CLI-script.

Is it possible to call this controller, get the method "publish" and submit a set of ids and, assigned to this, a task (publish, unpublish, trash, ...)?

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Yes, it is possible, but your have to create your own CLI script to translate the command line to the Joomla API command. For example:

  • To receive a list of IDs (comma separated) from an argument
  • Initialize JInput,
  • and send it to your controller.

You can check any of the cli/ script to create your own script.


Recently i made a component when i change the o publish status via Ajax request.

I made a method setPublish($id, $status) on model, and two methods on my controller:

public function setPublishTrue(){
   $data = JRequest::get('post'); //get the item id via post
   $model = $this->getModel('Promocaos');
   $model->setPublish($data['id'], 1);


The ajax request:

        var formdata = $("#form-" + this.id).serialize();

            type: "POST",
            dataType: "json",
            timeout: 6000,
            url: "index.php?option=com_mycomponent&task=setPublishTrue&controller=mycontroller",
            data: formdata,
            processData: false

Then, i can change the status via Ajax requests

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