I try to translate the site. Default language is english and installed german package from backend. When i set German langauge there are some issue like "_JSHOP_REVIEWS_BASED_ON" displays and not "based on 0 reviews".

I know i have to transalte custom modules,text from map: language/de_DE but i didnt find this and it seems to be a default text that should be in the german joomla language pack.

Thank you for any help


This is not a variable from Joomla Core Language pack. This is extension based variable and it belongs most probably to JoomShopping. You can add global translation using Language Override or find proper translation for your extension here if it exists of course.

  • Its not JoomShopping and Override didnt work. Override founds the contact and i changed the value(text),but it didnt affect on front-end.(but thanks for help.) – peter Jul 20 '15 at 18:11
  • You can always load entire components/language directory into for Example NetBeans and search it for this string. That's way you will find to what extension this constant belongs. This is not Joomla Core for 100%. – Artur Stępień Jul 20 '15 at 21:57

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