I read here that there's a new range form field type since J! 3.2 that will provide a horizontal scroll bar to specify a value in a range.

But when I opened the description page, there is no instruction how to use it.

Anybody knows how to use it?

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When ever in doubt about Joomla's form fields, have a look at the following directory, where you will find each one.


To get a range form field, you can use the following:

    label="Choose a number" 
    step="1" />

The above will give you a slider ranging from 1 to 10.

Unfortunately this doesn't show you the number you have chosen on the slider, so you will be to use the onchange="" attribute or maybe override the form field.

  • Ah too bad, I was using bootstrap slider before, and it looks like I have to stick with it for a while until "show the chosen number" fixed. Anyway thanks for the help.
    – webchun
    Commented Jul 9, 2015 at 13:18

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