I want to create a Joomla menu-item that changes its name after it has been clicked on and I want to be abled to insert code (in php??) in a if then else style (if name = oldname then elseif name = newname then).

  • I would suggest using jQuery for something like this – Lodder Jul 7 '15 at 10:36

There is no way for inserting php code after jQuery/Javascript event. If you want to change menu item name after click you should work on this file:


You should use Template Override to create alternative layout for mod_menu. Then in default_component.php (or your new layout) add code working as follows:

  • If current menu item is item you want modify add a marker in JSession
  • Check if current item that mod_menu will display in default_component.php is item you want to modify
  • If this is the item and there is a marker in JSession (if the item was clicked) change its name

Alternative way is to use Cookie as a marker and add/create it when Java Script Click event is triggered on menu item you want to modify (so basically you omit first step and change last one)

Few useful functions:

Get current menu item (menu item for current page):

$menu = JFactory::getApplication()->getMenu()->getActive()

Get current menu item ID:


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