I'm wondering if it's possible to write the equivalent of a "3 most recent Tweets" module, but for a Listserv mailing list, and where to begin?

If the system can be somehow made to read email, I think the problem is solved: subscribe the system to the listserv, with cron job parse received email (spam/malicious/correct) and extract desired bit, update module content. But I didn't find any descriptions of similar setups, anything triggering Joomla or similar cms by email.

My title reflects the fact that I other approaches to the stated problem are even less likely to be practical/reliable, e.g. with cron job outside of Joomla check the listserv online archive, and update database field used by the display module. And I don't think there's an RSS feed for list-serv, and if so I have no idea how to make a module read that. Maybe I overlook an obvious approach.

I didn't find a tag for this post covering the 'trigger' part of it (rather central).

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It is possible to read mailbox from php script (so joomla extension too).

What you should to do:

  • create CLI application to read emails and save last 3 in database/file
  • add this application as CRON job
  • create a module that will read database/file for those last emails

That way you will keep performance consuming task outside of Joomla but still be available to use Joomla framework, database etc.

Interesting links:

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