I added following code in onUserBeforeSave of user profile plugin(plugins/user/profile/profile.php):

    if ($isnew)
        if (!strcasecmp($data['role'], 'group0'))
            $data['groups'] = array(10);
        elseif (!strcasecmp($data['role'], 'group1'))
            $data['groups'] = array(11);

        JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage(print_r($user, true));
        JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage(print_r($data, true));       

The print_r results show the $data has been modified successfully, but in the end, the new user added to database still in old group, which is 'Registered'.

I am not sure what's the reason for this. And how can I achieve overriding default user groups. Thanks!

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You can't edit user data in onUserBeforeSave and onUserAfterSave event. This is just a copy of what will/was saved. It would be better to:

  • use onUserAfterSave event
  • get user object after save $user = JFactory::getUser($user_id) where $user_id is id of a user you want to modify
  • modify user groups like this $user->groups = Array($new_user_group)
  • save user $user->save()

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